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hoops n : a game played on a court by two opposing teams of 5 players; points are scored by throwing the basketball through an elevated horizontal hoop [syn: basketball, basketball game]

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  1. In the context of "US|Slang": basketball. Always plural.
    Let's shoot some hoops!
  2. Plural of hoop


  1. third-person singular of hoop

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A hoop is an object in the form of a circular band (resembling a geometrical torus or toroid). Hoops are made of various materials in various sizes for various uses:
  • hoop skirts are constructed with hoops to hold the fabric of the garment away from the wearer's legs in a fashionable shape
  • hoop rolling is an ancient game played with a hoop
  • The Hoop is one apparatus in Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Hooping is the modern subculture revolving around hoopdance, or dancing with a hoop
  • A hula hoop is a toy, typically made of plastic, twirled around the waist of its user whose hips must gyrate in a manner similar to some forms of hula dancing in order to keep the hoop aloft
  • In croquet, a hoop of sturdy metal wire planted in the ground forms the wicket through which the balls must pass
The term Hoop may refer to:
  • A way in which street drugs can be consumed, particularly Ecstasy and Methamphetamine, by inserting them into the anus.
  • A person's rear end in (Dublin slang).
  • The general witterings of a disgruntled person ad nauseam. (Dublin Slang) e.g. Garrett was a bit infuriated and started talking hoop.
  • Hoop Schwartz, a character from Stroker and Hoop, an american animated television series.
  • Hoop (magazine), an American basketball magazine
  • "Hoops", a music single by the band Ruby
The term hoops may refer to:
The term Hoops may refer to:
  • Hoops a basketball game set in the slums for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the early 1990s.
  • the game of basketball (due to the fact that metal hoops, or baskets, are used for the goals at which players shoot the ball)
  • the players (or supporters) of Celtic F.C. or Shamrock Rovers F.C. (derived from the pattern of green and white horizontal stripes on the shirts traditionally worn by the team)
  • a style of shirt in football, characterised by horizontal stripes that typically encircle the torso and sleeves
  • Hula Hoops, a snack food popular in Britain made of potato crisps in the shape of hoops
  • HOOPS, a software component produced by Tech Soft 3D.
  • Hoops&Yoyo, are a pair of animated characters featured on Hallmark Cards.
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